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I had the pleasure of going for a body analysis test at the gym the other day.  Since realising how blubbery I was in September last year,  I had not only drastically changed my diet (I have been vegetarian for 4 months, but not vegan) but also hitting the gym regularly with some personal training thrown in for good measure. If self-realisation isn’t the BEST motivator, then nothing is.  Way back in October ’06, just a month since turning vegetarian and getting my ass to the gym, I shed 1.5 kilos.

Entering the fourth month, without as much personal training as I preferably want, I’ve hit 86.5 kilos! My body fat percentage has dropped from an unhealthy 25% to a leaner 19%. My short term target is to get within the 15-17% range and hopefully 12% in 2-3 months time. My trunk and legs muscle mass is above average. I’ll need to work more on building my upper body and muscle mass overall.

I’m most likely to modify my program with my PT to a more upper-body strength and mass-building program, as opposed to muscle endurance (for regular futsal purposes). I’d really like to bring my weight down another 3 kilos within these 2-3 months. I’m on track, and mighty pleased.

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