Zen lost. And found.

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It’s a major relief. Zen, our beloved Golden Retriever was found later in the evening – tired, but alive and well. After the suspected dognapping fiasco, which in the end wasn’t true at all, Zen is back in our safe hands, much to the relief of my dad who was awfully upset in the earlier part of the day.

A Chinese lady found Zen and actually approached several pet shops and veterinary clinics to inquire about the owner. Unfortunately and rather baffling, was the fact that she did not leave a contact number. Several of the pet shops and clinics she visited were actually visited by my dad earlier as well. In fact, one of the clinics which Zen had visited for treatment before acknowledged a lady calling them up about a Golden Retriever with a cataract problem.

To cut a long story short, the frantic search – which also included me sending text messages to pet rescuers (thanks, Ad!) and my dad doing his rounds around the neighbourhood, ended when my dad spotted Zen tied up in a house compound belonging to an Indian family. Apparently, upon failure to locate the rightful owner of the dog, the Chinese lady had placed Zen at the Indian house as the kids took to liking Zen, and the fact that she already had a dog in her compound.

My dad of course claimed Zen back, and thanked the kind lady who found him as well as the Indian family who housed Zen safely.

We’re all happy. The family is complete again!

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