The frustration called Air Asia

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Air Asia Server Error

If you, like me, have been trying to grab ‘FREE’ tickets from Air Asia‘s site, then you’ve probably shared the same frustrations with the endless server errors and ‘oops’ messages the site consistently churns out. Whilst it is understandable that traffic may be overly-heavy and overwhelming of Air Asia’s servers, one must wonder if this is done on purpose. The errors appear at random stages of your booking. From searching for seats, to clicking ‘Next’ after booking them. What’s worse is when you’ve got the seats you wanted but the transaction goes bust just as you are about to click ‘Make payment’. To top it all of with chocolate cream and nutty toppings, the site DOES NOT remember any of your details you’ve entered 100 times before when it decides to sputter out with an abrupt error. So much for user-friendliness eh?

I’ve tried 100 times today. One time too many I think. It not only happens during office hours, but also late at night or wee hours of the mornings when net traffic is lower. Makes you think doesn’t it. Does Air Asia REALLY want you to have one of the 1,000,000 ‘FREE’ seats?

I should file a lawsuit at Air Asia for raising my blood pressure, increasing my stress levels and for causing unneccessary pyschological and emotional trauma.

How is your Air Asia booking experience today?

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  • You know what…if you tried from Airasia( Malaysia webpage)..just try from Airasia Indonesia site or other Airasia Thailand site..just select english for your language…then u can buy the ticket..

    the idea is…u are ‘Indonesian’ or ‘Thais’ that want to buy ticket in Malaysia…so there is less traffic from that site..rite?i’ve done this before when AirAsia provided 2,ooo,ooo seats…


  • 😛 i got meself tickets to macau ~