Losing Zen. And more. What’s the world coming into?

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I just got a call from my dad less than an hour ago. We’ve lost Zen. The beautiful Golden Retriever I adopted in July. The mild-mannered golden mane companion we’ve all come to love. Not due to illness or death but by way of suspected dog-napping. My dad was obviously very upset, and was swearing (which he normally doesn’t) over the phone. I am shocked and very upset by this. How it could have happened? Someone took the opportunity to enter the home compound via the unlocked gate. Zen, being the friendly dog he is, must have warmed up to the thief. And the thief knowing too well how friendly Zen is. I am surprised Bond, my more aggressive Labrador did not protect his ground. He could have been round back where it is cooler.

Whatever it is, Zen is gone. A dognapping right from our home. How’s that for a start to the new year?

I also came to learn of a burglary at my friend’s house in Rawang today. It happened yesterday and was actually on air over NTV7. Her house was broken into, her RM6K Powerbook, ten thousand in cash (which she kept with her mom for safekeeping) and gold, jewellery and such. Losses amounting to over RM20,000.

What’s the world coming into?

Hang on, that’s not all. My buddy Faeez whom I worked out at the gym with yesterday told me about his trainer Kim (and also my soulmate Addie‘s trainer, btw). Kim’s brother was involved in a hit-and-run incident last week. He was riding a motorbike and was hit by a car. The car obviously disappeared immediately after. Hurt, he called out for help, only to be robbed of his belongings and his bike by several Mat Rempits (Mat Cemerlang my fucking ass!) and left unconscious by the roadside.

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Tell me this is real. Tell me this is NOT fucked up.

I’m SO pissed today!

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  • Wahlau eh… i havent even met Zen and someone took him away….. The fler who stole him has got hell to pay man.. KNS.. CCB.. I was anxiously waiting to meet Zen when i come back for CNY.

    What was that guy thinking anyway.. there are plenty of dogs at PAWS why does he have to take our Zen man..