If dogs could talk – Zen, on getting lost.

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Zen, my 5-year old family dog, got lost two days ago. He was found later in the day. This is his account of the misadventures.

“Erm..i snuck out when the gate was briefly open. I felt free today. And energetic. So I ran. And ran. Said hi to a few new friends. And I ran some more. That Dalmation at 5C/1 road was hot. She looked great in spots. Said my goodbyes and ran some more.”

“But heck. Then I forgot to do what Bond usually does. To leave a scent. So I backtracked. At least tried to. “

“Damn. I was lost. I had no idea where I was. The Spitz near the 7-11 was no help either. He laughed at me, that bastard. I was running and running in circles. Heading nowhere in particular.”

“Then, a nice lady saw me and approached me. She saw how tired and helpless I was. I tried to tell her but she couldn’t understand a word I was saying.”

“So she took me. And I let her. She brought to many places, a few I’ve been before. Like the evil lady who put a syringe in me once. That was painful.”

Question for you Mr Zen…. Why didn’t Bond join you outside?
“Bond was asleep methinks. He’s usually the first to run out!”

Mr Zen! Mr Zen! Another question please!
Were you very hungry all this while?
“Actually I wasn’t hungry. Just lost. And alone.”

Did you think of your family?
Did you miss Vernon Chan in particular?
“Yes I thought of the family. And wondered if I ever would see them again.”

“And yes, I miss Vernon Chan who adopted me and rescued me from the kennels.”

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What happened after that, Mr Zen?
“She kept bringing me to different places and asking if people knew me and my master. But no luck. Later in the evening, she brought me to her house. But her dog didn’t like me, so she could not keep me in her compound. Instead two little Indian boys took a liking to me so she left me with them at their house. I was tied there for a while.”

“The amazing thing is, my master found me later that day. I was so happy! And so was he!”

WOW! What a story!
How did your master find you there?

“Yeah, I’m so glad to be home. Back in the green garden. My food bowl! My leash, my toys! And Bond! I actually miss the bugger! My master looked around the neighbourhood for several times. I am truly lucky.”

Is there anything you would like to say to the kind lady and family?
“Thank you for taking care of me. Promise I won’t get lost again. If I come by again, I’d lick your hand and say thank you again.”

“Mom, dad, I am home!!!”

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