A True Pain-In-The-Ass

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Barely recovering from a hard knock from a tussle with a hard-tackling Korean last week, I sustained another injury from last night’s game. My weekly futsal games have always been fun, but to a certain extent, can also be very competitive (no surprise here, we’re talking about men egos here and the neanderthal competitive spirit and killer instinct!). So injury is mostly part and parcel of the game. Or perhaps I’m just injury prone. My boss once said, “I think football may not be the game for you.” This was after several MCs (medical certs) due to futsal-related injuries.

Blame it on insufficient warm-up, perhaps. Although I spent a good half playing keeper, one of my spent teammates decided to trade places with me. I was all for it, of course, goalkeeping not my first love and truly not my natural position. We must have won 5 games in a row with some very tight teamwork. Nice.

Unleashed a few cracks at goal only, parried by the able hands of the keeper and the post. However, in one of the attempts at goal, I pulled my muscle. The gluteus maximus to be exact. Maximus pain-in-the-ass-nus. Ouch. Now, that’s one set of muscles I’ve never ever pulled. I continued playing, but could not kick hard.

Attempted to stretch those gluteal muscles after that, but I think the damage has been done. It isn’t as serious as my ankle injuries sustained previously and it should heal with a little bit of rest, but for now, it’s a pain in the ass to carry around. I was just wondering,  if I were to go for treatment or physio, it should be quite amusing. Hahah.

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“Er, doc, could you like massage my ass?”

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