Self-realisation – Ultimate Key to Success?

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All it takes is one moment of truth to wake one up. Take for instance, my first Personal Training session at the gym yesterday. After a year of inactivity (besides the weekly futsal sessions), the one-hour personal training session revealed the ugly. It was like a smack in the head. Hard. I just realised how fantastically unfit I am. At 32. 10 kilos off my ideal weight. A flabby midsection and Donald Duck-worthy rear end. And fat, oh the fat! All 25% of it.

Imagine this. I was once a top tennis player in my state, finalist in the Borneo Cup one year, then winning the next. And also one-half of one of the top doubles pairs in the country. Also captain of the school’s football and volleyball team. I could do three rubber set matches in a day and could still live the next. Had 2 training sessions per day!

It all gone downhill from there hasn’t it?

Sigh. The PT session was a torture by the time I started on ‘the core’ – the midsection. Perhaps I was already tired at the end of the day, but shouldn’t use that as an excuse. My upper body is embarrassingly weak, something I’ve realised for a while (even when active at the gym a year back). Needless to say, it was torturous.

It was a wonder that I could soap myself afterwards. Like Addie, my soulmate, I feel it’s THE right choice to join the gym (and in my case, rejoin). With another buddy Faezz to cheer us on, I think we’re all on the right track.

Self-realisation, in more ways than one, is a powerful tool. Once you self-realise and take the accountability and responsibility of someone or something else, you can begin to move forward, by choice (your own) and do great, big things.

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Off to the gym again, mateys! (ouch!)

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