No pain no gain? You don’t say!

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No pain no gain.

This cliched phrase truly rubs off on me, at least today. Well, at least I think my trainer thinks so. My arms hurt like hell. To describe it as pain is an understatement. I can’t stretch my right arm fully after 3 sets of bicep curls last night. And I walk like I’ve either got:

  1. Overly big balls
  2. Bad case of hemorrhoids
  3. Weights strapped to my feet.

He really pushed me. He did. “Give me 10 more or you find another trainer. I don’t wanna train you anymore!” Fuck. And bloody hell, did I do 10 more, as he said.

This is torture, I thought. But what’s the point of hiring a trainer if you’re not gonna push yourself right? From last night’s session, it’s pretty obvious I’ve got a long way to go, especially where strengthening my upper body is concerned. Thanks to regular futsal, I don’t have the same issues with my legs. My core isn’t as bad as I thought either. More cardio and ab training will help strengthen it more.

But my body is tired. Even though I feel I have lots of energy and my mind, awake. It’s been 3 days of solid exercise in a row. Tuesday – gym, Wednesday – futsal, Thursday – gym. Likely to head down tomorrow too, if I’m not too busy. Perhaps I’ll take a day or two off to recuperate. Y’know, rest those aching muscles.

*Ouch* *Ouch*

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