Green Apples, anyone?

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Greenpeace, the voice of our beloved earth, is a HUGE fan of Apple.  But these green folks, want a better, healthier Apple. A greener one. Fact of the matter is, Apple is still using hazardous substances in some of its products. Greenpeace wants this to stop. Stop using PVC, Apple. Stop the toxic flame retardants. Think of the poor Asian children who end up selling these dismantled parts for money. And introduce a free ‘take-back’ program for old Macs where they are sold. If Dell, HP and other computer manufacturers can remove these toxic substances from their products, so can you.
Read about the campaign here. And if you have any ideas, send them here. Oh, and create your own GreenMyApple t-shirt and much more. Wanna know what YOU can do? Click here.

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