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It’s been quite a long while since I last properly wrote on the v.Blog. The long hiatus can be attributed to work, laziness, prolonged uninspiredness and the dearth of interesting subjects to yack about.

But today, this morning to be specific, was such an eye-opener. I just cannot imagine passing up this opportunity to add another entry!

The morning starting bright and early, with the alarm blaring Pearl Jam’s anthemic “Alive” at 7.05am. I don’t even wake up remotely this early on working days, so this has got to be a super special day right? Sorry to burst your bubble folks, not quite as you think. Think immigration. Think queue. Think early morning struggles out of bed.

Got you off track? Hah. I knew you’d fall for it.

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Well, it was time for a trip to my physio for my completely fcuked-up ankles, the left being the most f-ed in all sense. The old injury was aggravated last Sunday during a family day friendly game on a full-sized pitch. There was no sprain, just over-stressed ligaments. The reason for being up so early was to pick up the queue ticket. This Dr. Chong dude, whom I wholly trust my bones, ligaments and muscles with, has quite a reputation amongst those who know of his practice. I was there last Monday at 8.30am to visit him and picked up queue ticket No.12, imagine that, which was basically the 10.00-11.00am slot. His clinic opens at 9.00am by the way. This queue resembled that of last minute MyKad queue last December. Heh.

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Anyways, this morning, I was there at 8.00am. And I was No.13. Bugger. Hmm. Let’s do some math here. Come at 8.30am, get number 12. 10am-11am. Come at 8.00am, get number 13. 10am-11am. Makes perfect sense. So again, shoved into the 10am-11am slot. So anyway, I had 2 hours of leisurely time to spare so managed to catch a long breakfast and read The Star forwards and backwards, inside and out several times.

I decided to retreat into the air-conditioned clinic at 9.30am, amongst a dozen people who were, obviously, waiting for their turn to see the ‘sifu’. So there I was, with the latest Torque magazine in hand, minding my own business browsing sports cars I cannot possibly afford in a gazillion years.

Then this little man of barely 3 feet tall, grasp my magazine and muttered in a high-pitch infant voice, “I want this book.” He weaved his way to my left and decided to browse the magazine with me. “Hammond, no, don’t disturb ko-ko,” said his mother.

Hammond: “BMW”
Me: “That’s right. And this?”
Hammond: “Mercedes”
Me: “This?”
Hammond: “Ferrari”
Hammond: “Toyota”
Hammond: “Honda”
Hammond: “Suzuki Swift”
Me: “…” (thought bubble: Hammond, you rock my world!)

At this point, I looked at his father and asked, “Can he read?” He replied that he recognises some words, but mostly the logos of the car brands. This little man, my friends, is two-years old. He completely blew me away with his knowledge of cars. I think he knows more about cars then some local motor journalists!

“Subaru!” “BMW convertible!”, he exclaims. I look at him in amusement. I was so taken by his intelligence and his grasp of the language. And his knowledge of car brands completely threw me aback. “Rexton”, he continues. I told him it wasn’t, it’s a newer model called the Kyron.

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I continue to flip the pictures and he says “Toyota!”, pointing to the new Yaris. I told him the name and he remembered it the next time I showed it to him. There was a spread on the Petronas sponsored BMW Formula cars and he actually said “Petronas” and “racing car”. This two-year old is amazing.

I recall my being several years old and having that affinity for car brands. I could recognise any car on the road from a very young age.

His parents explained that Hammond (never mind that another Hammond, a whole lot older, is multiple-time autocross champion!) loved cars. He had a newly-bought sticker collection which he showed me. I told him the name of the cars, from Chrysler, to Ferrari to Porsche to Ford Mustang GT (which he said was his favourite car – good choice!).

This little intelligent boy gave me a big smile and made my day all sunny today. Some day, I want a kid like that. I’d just know I’d be completely engaged with him (or her).

šŸ™‚ – Happy smiley face
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