Look out, here comes SpiderBear!

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Spider-bear, spider-bear,
swings around in his underwear,
he’s so fat, he’s so round,
when he lands he goes underground,
look out, here comes the Spider-bear!

Spider-bear, spider-bear,
when he moves his costume tears,
he’s a blob, he’s a lump,
the walls fall over when he jumps,
look out, here comes the Spider-bear!

Spider-bear, spider-bear,
there’s no hero that can compare,
always there to help you out,
except sometimes when he’s got gout,
look out, here comes the Spider-bear!
Here comes the Spider-bear! RAWR!

Concept and original idea by
Vince + Alvin

Illustrated by

Theme song by

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  • <![CDATA[Brian]]>

    Oh spider bear, spider bear….
    Its a wall paper on my desktop ahahha!

  • That’s real ralent I tell ya.

  • <![CDATA[Spazm]]>

    Cant’s wait to see…
    Can I pre-booked the #1 edition??..:P..

  • <![CDATA[addie]]>

    Hey Goutraman, don’t forget his sidekick, SideKick – who only kicks one side. And who only says nice things to SpiderBear to make him feel better. Like “Good thinking, SpiderBearrrr!” (in thick British accent) or “Blistering Bagels!!” (in tamelan accent)…

  • <![CDATA[goutraman]]>

    Wait till you see his Rogue’s Gallery… the devious Dr. Nanapus and his lactating mechanical breasts… the Green Gobbling and his flying pan (no that’s no typo!)… the Sendman, ex Pos Malaysia worker turned package thief… the Gizzard, a Chicken Rice Shop mascot whose suit bonded permanently to his body because of a freak accident in a mamak shop… and of course, Velum, an illegal alien symbiote from, you guessed it, India… Stay tuned true believers…

  • <![CDATA[addie]]>


  • Anonymous

    MUAHAHAHHA… stay tuned folks. Full-fledged cartoon strip in the works!

  • Anonymous

    Spider man?? 😀