Back to Civilisation. Reluctantly.

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The moment we alighted from the Air Asia Boeing 737, our skin welcomed the cool air. The heat and humidity that we’ve encountered over the past 7 days in Cambodia and Vietnam became mere memories. Almost instantly, we stopped perspiring. Although reluctant to come home and face the dread of the office come Monday, I think we were thankful for the less harsh weather.

The Cambodia-Vietnam trip was awesome. Will write a detailed account ala journal in my next post, with plenty of pics to boot. Hopefully it will be somewhat an informal, unofficial guide for those planning to visit our northern neighbours.

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Much has happened since I left. About 300 emails (70% spam, what else is new?) cramped in my mailboxes (arrgh!). Prime Minister of Thailand resigns and names an interim successor. The Saddam Hussein trial unwinds. Apple welcomes Windows with Boot Camp. Alex Yoong earns his first ever pole position for the Sprint Race in Shanghai, China, and proceeded to grace the podium again for the Feature Race bringing Malaysia to a strong 5th in overall standings. BIG congrats to Alex and Team A1GP Malaysia!

A little readjusting to the pace of Kuala Lumpur. And also getting used to the dearth of motorbikes on the street. Did I say dearth of motorbikes on the street? No kidding. Vietnam and Cambodia is swarmed with them. In fact, Vietnam has the highest concentration of motorbikes in the world. Go experience crossing the road in either countries. Life will never be the same.

More to come on my trip, promise!

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  • can’t wait to see those pix and hear your tales. i definitely love what i saw at siem reap!–>

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    Valkam HomE Dood.!

    get ready for race!

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    HOI! welcome back dude!!!!