Slowmyx strikes. Again.

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I am appalled. Flabbergasted. Helpless. Angry. Frustrated. Disappointed. Find all the verbs you can think of, and insert them here ____. My connection at home is pretty fucked I tell you. I know I’ve bitched, ranted, whined and complained about this time and time again, but as long as our national internet service provider continues to shove bad service down our poor Malaysian throats, I ain’t backing down muthafucka.

Things took a turn for the worse this past week. Speeds were as low as 60Kbps if I could connect at all. Bloody ports could not hold consistent pings, shutting down every 5 minutes. This happens mostly on downloads. Uploads seem ok, although for my sakes (and sanity), downloading holds far more importance.

I feel the world just flew past me. Blazing fast!

Ah…speeds of the 21st century!

Latest news, from the horse’s mouth, is that a third party contractor dug up TM cables at Dataran Maybank, causing connection problems and slow speeds. Hmmph. Believe what you need to believe. That doesn’t explain the shitty speeds I’ve had to put up with for more than a month. I’ve received a payment reminder from TM, but I can’t give two flying fucks about paying. I have consumer rights goddammit. I pay for 1Mbps and you give me 100Kbps. I WILL NOT tolerate such madness.

Whilst my hair drops at an alarming rate, my blood boils. My facial muscles toned from all the wincing and orgasm-like grimacing. Arrgh.

This is bad. Bad. Bad. Bad.

The frustration continues.

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  • Anonymous

    choice of bringing ur lappie & go sit in starbucks


  • Anonymous

    The problem with Malaysia is that TM has complete control, so consumers have little choice.

    Tell me which other providers do you have to choose from?


  • Anonymous

    gives me 2nd thought of applying screamyx, although the telekom & telekom building just stone throw away from my house.

  • Anonymous


    have been doing that. TM technical has also come over to check.

    Still no improvements.


    I lived in those days of 28.8 modems as well mate 🙂

    It’s 2006 and we’re still struggling to get 800Kbps from a 1Mbps line. It’s soooo bloody sad. If TM can’t consistently give us at least 80% capacity from 1Mbps, I suggest they don’t offer it to public. Saves plenty of heart attacks and disillusioned users.

  • Anonymous

    60kbps? 60 kbps?!! Aiya… in my day, we would have been happy to squeeze 10kbps out of an alleged 28.8 modem.

    Gah, you kids don’t know when you’ve got it good… 🙂

  • hey verne. just document everything, get screenshots, and keep the emails you send to the TM customer service.

    maybe they’ll listen.
    maybe they’ll point to the section that says “Streamyx is provided on a best-effort” basis…

    give it a try anyway.