Not Hot. Eric Deli Paradise, Plaza Damas.

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For some strange reason, we all decided to go to Eric Deli Paradise for lunch. Owned by popular comedian and everybody’s favourite actor – Eric Tsang of Hong Kong, Eric Deli Paradise seemed a spacy, modern Chinese restaurant.

This is not a restaurant review. Nor will it be a food review. Despite the initial impression of the interior – spartan but adequate, and spacious, the 16 of us came out disappointed and even though I did not pay for the meal, felt we were ripped off in some way.

The food was so-so, really nothing to shout about. I would have gladly walked 400m in the opposite direction and plonked my flabby butt at Kim Gary’s and be happy. The servings were so minute, you’d need a magnifying glass to be able to make out what was on the plate.
I am not posting any pics of the food either, coz it’s not really worth showing. The only saving grace was the rice. Seriously. Chewy, al dente. Full.

Otherwise, a BITTER disappointment. A big zero.

Eric, one word of advice – stick to acting.


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