Me, surprised? Hell no!

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March 2 is always a special day for me. (mark that in your calendars guys and girls!) It reminds me of yesterday, and shows me today how much I have moved on and also ultimately, what lies ahead.

Outright celebrating with a lavish dinner or party is another thing though. I just wanted a quiet, cosy dinner with my family and a couple of close friends and loved ones. So much for personal wants.

It was well-plannned I must say. Alvin, my pal picked me up from home, as I did not have a car for a few days (nicely parked at the 1Utama old wing concourse, like a slut demanding attention). We were to meet my parents, brothers and friends at Uncle Chilli’s, Mid Valley.

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When I got there, they sang “Happy Birthday” out loud, much to my embarrassment. All 30 of them! Close friends, friends and college mates alike, were there. Much to my surprise. Bugger, I was duped.

I went round the table, kissing and hugging everyone, thanking them for being present. Just lovely. The food was fab (so traditionally Chilli’s!), the company was excellent and the presents were welcomed, though optional (as always).

Mom gave me a big, fat angpow. A very funky-looking one that. Dad was spot on with his choice of Robert Kiyosaki book. Before You Quit Your Job, which coincidently, one of the few Kiyosaki books I did not own. Talk about good choice. He also told me of the paid subscription for Personal Money he bought. Thanks mom and dad! Wonderful presents!

The Dahlans (thanks Uncle D, mak, Oboy, Mel + Zura!) gave a seriously cool lumi-green Nike Futsal jersey which I absolutely love. Vince + Jo bought me the much-needed iPod replacement battery from Sonnet Technologies. Yippee! Thanks Jo and Vince! Muaks! Muchos gracias! And to Fee, who bought a pair of cool keychains (one’s for my girl, Jannster). Much thanks to Jannster for the early present – she paid for tickets for our upcoming trip to Cambodia. Yippee, and more!

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But I think the icing for the cake on this special day, was that I went out and got scratch:disk, the company which I have big plans for, registered. It will be ready in 5 days, and I can’t wait.

It was an eventful and somewhat unexpected special day. I thank all of you for being part of my life. Looking forward to a whole lot more. Cheerios!
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  • Happy Birthday again! Enjoy the keychains!

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    Stanley here.

    pictures! oh ya your camera with me.. ahahaha

  • <![CDATA[Anonymous]]>

    pictures! pictures!!


  • Happy Birthday! Ya would be nice to see some pictures 🙂

  • <![CDATA[joey]]>

    appy appy belated birthday ^_^