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This is hilarious. How’s that for a vote of confidence? By the way, my crawling net speed issue is still unresolved. Apparently it is due to a port problem which is directly related to the main switch. They are supposedly awaiting a switch upgrade which they are testing and pending approval.

Hah. Whatever. Just make sure it gives me at least 800Kbps. And in a huff, please!

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    I got a call from the Assistant Manager of TMNEt Retail this morning. He received my complain email sent over the weekend.

    Apparently the slow-poke connection is due to the vertical wiring from the main switch at ground level.

    They are working with the management (which means YTL) to rectify.

    He asks for me to bear with them which I duly replied that if this is not resolved in haste, I would be cancelling my subscription along with other subscribes in my phase.

    I have to commend them for actually calling me, and here’s hope that I will not be disappointed, yet again.

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    Saw that last week. I nodded in agreement with almost everything written!

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    Wikipedia has never been more correct. It’s nice that we can actually add to the information that is already there making it more or less accurate as it is monitored and edited by us readers.

    I liked the “not bothered with customers complaints” part. Really funny. TM Nuts! If you’re listening, make ur services better!!