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My endeavours into motorsports and being an absolute car freak has left me broke. Before I sell my youthful body to the horny, desperate public, I am generously offering graphic design/web/multimedia and coffee-making services in exchange for a much-needed MIVEC LSD gearbox.

Currently running a Powerzone LSD kit with the standard F5M22 1.8 gearbox, but find it inadequate when autocrossing.

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A MIVEC LSD gearbox would be a neat addition to my Stage 2 Satria R3 with its higher final drive and longer first gear ratio. A real LSD is certainly a welcome feature. FYI, the product code for MIVEC gearboxes are the same as the stock 1.8 ones, with exception of the ending four letters, which also denotes if it is LSD-enabled or not. Refer below:

F5M22-2-XRWE (LSD) (MD970429)
F5M22- 2-XRGE (LSD) (MD971903)

These are sourced from the CA4A MIVEC. Excellent MIVEC resource here.

So here I am. Short of being a prostitute. Need services? All ready to barter, doods. 😀

BTW, also have a set of MIVEC Cyborg front bodykit consisting of bumper, spotlights, fenders, signal and headlamps for sale as a package. RM450 – cash and carry.
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  • <![CDATA[edtvism]]>

    i m using XRGE, before you change it to your R3. test the gear ratio first. mivec gearboxes have strong 1st and 2nd gear but from the 2nd to 3rd gear, and so on. the ratios doesnt really match.

  • <![CDATA[Urahara - SV]]>

    haha. good luck in gettin that lsd! btw y aint the powerzone one good nuff?

  • Anonymous

    The Powerzone LSD kit helps with launch, but not really much else coz it’s way a little soft, subtle. It’s not a real LSD per se, more like a spring-loaded device to lock the gearbox.

    With me getting serious in autocross, it’s better off getting the real thing.