How’s that for the century sprint?

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It’s come a long way since the very first impression, hasn’t it? 7.44seconds for the century sprint isn’t half bad for a stock Satria R3 either 🙂

Figures posted by Prozac in Car #0006. Recorded on a GTech Pro.

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  • <![CDATA[Anonymous]]>

    SGTI faster than SR3… in standard forms?… hehe that will be the day. No proton is FAST compared to the competition out there.

    But I drive an SGTi and I bet your SR3 will tapau my car anyday. SGTi were never fast cars.. maybe the 1st batch and thats it. After that, they were just crap.


  • Anonymous

    I never take numbers like this seriously, simply because of the inconsistency in testing equipment. How does a couple of hundred ringgit device compare to a RM10K industrial strength one in terms of accuracy?

    Or for that matter a GTECH Pro vs RSM + G-sensor?

    And different humidity, temperature…too many variables. Unless everything is equal and consistent, measured using the same equipment, perhaps we can obtain some sort of accurate reading.

    The number shown in the pic was to satisfy some quarters who claim that their SGTis are faster than the SR3s.

    To me, the numbers don’t matter. Really, they don’t.

  • <![CDATA[Anonymous]]>

    sure meh? downslope? Any tail wind? Gtech calibrated properly? hehehe.. just kidding buddy, just kidding.