World’s First : Zero Fuel Satria R3

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Days are always an adventure. Especially when you LEAST expect it. What appeared to be just another regular day, turned out to be one with a tinge of sweat, mixed with slight feeling of stupidity and embarrassment. Heh.

In desperate times like this, it’s comforting to have
extra hands to assist! Thanks SJ + Jase! You guys rock!

Happened on the day of my colleague’s wedding. We all congregated at our office so that we could convoy to the wedding venue. Despite showing a clear ‘E’ for empty on the fuel gauge, I decided to drive to the office first, since mileage showed 380kms. In general, with mixed city spirited driving, my SR3 gives me around 400kms per 40litres. Being confident that I’d be able to refuel later, I left my engine on as I waited for the rest to arrive.

Minutes later, the car just hiccuped and died, must to my horror of course. Thankfully, SJ, my colleague was there to give me a lift to a petrol station nearby. A helpful Bangladeshi worker loaned me an empty 4-litre engine oil container which I promptly filled and returned to my poor thirsty car.

How’s that for teamwork?

Jase was there to assist with the self-made siphon, while I poured in the ’emergency’ fuel. SJ helped keep the safety fuel latch open.

Surprises like this keep life interesting don’t they? ๐Ÿ˜›

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  • <![CDATA[Anonymous]]>

    Hi Bro,

    yes, I want to sell my GTi for something better. The Gti just isn’t up to my standard for what its made up to be and that has been the hardest bitter pill to swallow.

    You are right about the waja. I do have one but it belongs to my wife. Sadly I enjoy the waja MORE than the Gti. Top speed more, space more, squeeks less, less noise.

    GTi seems to be a wallet thinner. ie ever since I have owned it, I have faced bills after bills. 1st 3 months, I had to have a set of brand new rims all round. Those Ori shit are too soft and a small hole is enough to dent them. At $780 per piece, hehehe.. you know what I mean.

    A year later, another set had to be bought. After 2 years, I put a taiwan made 17″ and till today, despite all the pot holes its seen, its still balanced. Malaysian made stuff… sigh!!

    5 years down in ownership of Gti, engine went for a six, as you know. I’ve had enough. I think the ECU or something that proton did to this engine just isn’t correct. The Ori Mitsu unit was far better.

    So rather than face more bills I decided to call it quits. Proton cars last for 5 years and thats it. My 5 years are up in my Gti. Time to go. Waja has another 3 years before that also is fit for the skip.

    I wish we had no tax on cars and instead have a clearer and fair incometax system. Then we can all enjoy good cars and be spoilt for choice.

    2 weeks back I was in UK on holiday. My cousin and I went Volvo car testing. Had the new S40, S60 T5, V50 to test. Even took a V70R for a spin and man does that car rocket.

    But the highlight of the day was driving my cousin’s V40 T4. He had the ecu done recently and its pumping out 315bhp. Damn I had problems putting power down in gear one and two.

    Still… with 5 of us on a dual carriage way, i picked up speed and the needle went to 140mph … 150mph…..160mph…….. off scale. Talk about speed. Pity many here don’t know the potential of these volvo turbo cars. The mid range in his car was just devastating. Has more torque then the current BMW M3. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Anyway I have called the proton sales lady and asked her for some info on my car and the Gen2. See how it goes. Gen2,… ๐Ÿ™

    Oh how I wish I could have that tasty new S40… I wish!!


  • Anonymous


    so are you selling off your SGTi? And I thought you already had a Waja?

  • Anonymous


    definitely! you said it girl!


  • Anonymous

    vernon- it’s nice to have good friends! nina.

  • <![CDATA[Anonymous]]>

    You have sold me the Gen2.

    I too like the lennox black version. has some good stuff on the car which I like… eg ABS for a start. TTTTtry adding this later on in ownership. ๐Ÿ™

    I will call the dealer and try and work out a good deal. See how it goes. Since chassis is stiff which is a good thing, then if ever performance is lacking, then we can always dump a better engine in there. We malaysians are great at doing this so it should not be much of an issue I think.

    Only one down side is the player. Why couldn’t they have just used a normal standard DIN player instead of combining it with the dash. Now my Sony player in my SGti won’t be able to make the transfer to the Gen. Bummer!!!

    cheers and happy motoring.


  • Anonymous

    I find the new Lennox Black Gen.2 compelling and a good buy. I daren’t comment on the engine nor the performance, as I have not driven one, although R3 fellas would vote a ‘No’, simply because the powertrain does not match the drivetrain and vice versa, which translates to less than optimum performance.

    But note that it has the stiffest chassis amongst all Proton stable of products. In other words, excellent handling!

    I love the Gen.2 styling (that’s the exterior) and I think its sexy. I would buy one actually. Your cue, bro!


  • <![CDATA[Anonymous]]>

    Hey Vernon,

    some cool shit from your R3. You can get 400km out of a tank. Thats great. I get 310~320km out of my “S”Gti. Freaky!

    Anyway been a while since I wrote to you. Hope things are great with your SR3. Question for you, the Gen2 any good. Plan to sell my “S”Gti for something better. Figure the Gen2 should be good with the ABS, AirBag, Leather seats, Lennox Black paint. What do you think? Or should I put another few ringgit and get a Waja 1.6. Let me know your comments. Any insider tips from proton would be great.

    cheers and here is a tip for you… don’t run on a near empty tank of gas. Evaporation is higher and your fuel consumption won’t be as good if you kept your tank in the mid and upper range. Try it.