Kick-Ars Tiger Review

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Trust Ars.Technica to write a full-blown, geek account of Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger. Written by John Siracusa, ars gives the usual impartial look at Apple’s latest $129 OS offering, and a 21-page ‘mini’ review and commentary at that! Trust ars to get all down and dirty with the technical bits. The self-confessed geek that I am was lost in the forest of UNIX geektalk, KPIs, APIs, metadata and Apple’s CORE technologies.

I have a spanking new copy of Tiger which is just waiting to pounce once I back up and format my PowerBook G4.

Tiger – good and bad (mostly good actually!), here I come!

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  • Anonymous

    Adam, I’ve installed it on my PowerBook and basically it ROCKS! It’s snappy, and that’s a major plus. But then again, Mac OS X has always improved in speed with each update and this one is no different.

    For some the improvement is subtantial.

    I’m running it with no problems so far. Everything works except Stuffit Expander. A fresh install of Stuffit Standard 9.0.2 solves it.

  • Anonymous

    Would love to try it out on a brand new G4 Powerbook.