Bad Karma

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I was going to write about my recent trip to Danga Bay, Johor for the Street ShootOut 1.5 Competition. And also the attempted break-in of my Satria R3 on Saturday morning. The past couple of days has been a mish-mash of frustration, helplessness, disheartenment, adrenalin, laughter, disappointment and anger. Feel free to throw in more adjectives and descriptive words, I might just award you with a prize.

But no, I think I’ll write about yesterday, coz yesterday takes the cake. So yesterday it is, for now.

If you remember, how I remember quite vividly, the “misadventures of a car at a car wash in Bangsar” story, then you would be thrilled to know, that another piece of metal was bent, another part of PU was rippled and dented. Bad karma? You bet.

After some contemplation, I had decided the car wash (*at the car wash…. whoa-oo-whoa-oo-whoa-whoa!) over washing the car myself at my parent’s place in Kelana. The convenience of having your car washed while you exercise your nimble fingers far outweighed the need to lose weight via certain chores, so I dropped the car off before making my way to Starbucks for a wi-fi session.

A couple of hours passed and my eyes grew blurry from the 12-inch screen and the active chick scene in Starbucks, so I decided to pack up and leave.

With my tiny Crumpler bag slung over my shoulder, I plodded along Telawi 3 towards Bangsar Village where I quickly grabbed a nutty cinnamon bun before proceeding to collect my car. Words, at that point, could not describe my disappointment and dismay. I mean, the car was clean. A job well-done, no doubt. But the extras that came with it, I can do without. I have no pictures to show the ‘extra treatment’ I got, but rest assured, it was not pretty. Apparently, a customer driving a big SUV or 4WD had rammed into the back of my beloved Satria R3, which after yesterday’s event, I christian “The Most Banged-up Satria R3 While Stationary Award 2005”.

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It’s funny how I can drive fast and frantic, live through a track day and autocross event and not get a single scratch on the car. But when it’s stationary, my god, when it’s stationary, the field is thrown wide open! *Tada!* Someone deliberately scratches it, reverses into it, and etc… How wonderful life is when you are NOT MOVING!

Life, as they say mostly, sucks. If this isn’t bad karma, then I must be in the zone. (hopefully with Britney. Heh) I dunno. You tell me. It’s as if my car is swallowed into a black hole every time I live it alone, immobile.

The-dude-who-rams-Satria-R3s-for-a-living was nice enough to leave his name card though, and I called him to inform him that I will get a quote for the repairs. I hope I don’t have to replace the whole rear bumper as that would be rather pricey. I’d much prefer spending that money on a Stage 2 engine upgrade. The bracket for the right reflector is broken, so that would definitely have to be repaired or replaced. Will pay another visit to the paint shop in Sunway this Saturday.

Darn it.

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  • Anonymous

    Aw Verne…*hugs*

  • Anonymous

    My waja does 200kmph quite fairly.The fastest i ever went was 219kmph (i swear!) I was surprised as well.It was on the way to KLIA.Took a while but managed to pull it off.
    One complaint bout Wajas is that they are too chunky.The body size really puts me off but performance wise i kinda like it.
    I know how it feels like to have someone ram in to your cars rear end.Been there.I feel for ya man.Hope everything goes well from now on

  • <![CDATA[Anonymous]]>

    Hey Vernon,

    yes my waja does 210 faily easy. TO be fair, it hits 195 with ease, then slower to 200kph. The last ten km/h takes a little longer but thats the top. On a down slow I have seen 215 but it was a one off and hardly worth talking about.

    On another issue, dun fret too much about the bumper. I know its some sen but hey today (sunday) my good friend wrote off his brand new Caldina… and I was in it when it happened. Fuck!!!. My body aches badly now… some 18 hours after the incident.

    Just got into JB and boy does my left arm and back hurt. I feel bad for my friend who lost his car after 3 weeks. 850km on the clock.

    The back end lost traction and for some absurd reason it snapped to the opposite side when he countered the skid. It happened so fast. Next thing I knew …. WHAM!.

    I think his tyres were to blame. For a start he put Nitrogen… a growing thing. Keeps tyre colder right? But I felt something was not right and was advising him to double check pressure in the mornings and not after running the car. Some 30 mins later… he learnt first hand what it means to have a car with correct tyre pressure and suspension geometry.

    I am too tired to send the pics I took of the accident. Need to have a hot shower and hin the sack. Hopefully I can bend to get into bed.

    Cheers buddy.!


  • Anonymous

    “piece of shit”… is these the words 🙂

    sorry to hear abt the car, guess ur car needs some blessing.

    nyways, congrats on ur no.5! cheers!

  • Anonymous

    Yes, as of thursday, that would be the last time I’m sending my car there for a wash.

    Just got a quote for RM850 for a replacement bumper plus spray but touch up of boot as well (dented). Touching up/knocking back the existing one will cost less, but no guarantee that it will be 100% back to original shape as the dent is really quite bad.


    BTW, because of better aerodynamics (Waja with a tail), I think the Waja will have a better top speed. We’ve done 210km/h so far, something your Waja can do easily as well.

    Oh, when we were driving back from johor last weekend at 200km/h, guess what? A 2.4litre Accord Euro-R flashed us and sped away.

    The power of VTEC. Heh.

  • <![CDATA[Anonymous]]>

    Mate, I would seriously STOP using that car wash fucking place. I pass it every weekend and I can’t stand the people who run it. It may not be their fault this time but anyone running a car wash business in a car park need to make sure that their customer cars are parked away from other road idiots. Plus they charge an arm and a leg for their washing due to the foolish foreign people that are willing to pay for no extra service.

    Yeah our exchange rate sucks when we go out but great for those being paid in USD, Pounds, SDG… etc but why pay more just cause its bangsar? What gives?

    Anyway, I am damn sorry to hear about the car. Know how you feel. I was there some months back which you will recall. Car had to be towed to workshop.

    Last sunday on my drive back to JB (11pm), I spotted a R3 on the road. Funny this was the 1st time I saw the car on the road since its sale. I nearly passed it without knowing it was an R3 cause at night, I almost passed it off as a limited edition satria 1.3.

    Think there was 4 ppl inside and the driver was driving obnoxiously slow. What the hell!!! I was hoping for a race to test my Waja 1.6 top speed against the R3 but since they were driving at 80kph I could not stand the almost stationary pace.

    maybe another day huh.!

    Hope you get your car fixed soon.

    take care

  • Anonymous

    thanks for the sympathy, both of you. sigh. Little I can do, really.

  • Anonymous

    sorry to hear that man… kinda feels like ur ‘wife’ got molested.. twice!!! blacklist that carwash and boycott aussie products! =P

  • I can totally relate! Had 2 indicents with my car in the last 2 months.
    The latest one happened last friday – but thank gawd a mate reccomended a great car body mechanic here in KK who not only did a fantastic repair job on the damage inflicted by a very silly woman who reversed into me, but he DIDN’T charge me an arm and a leg.
    Despair not, I feel yr pain 🙂