New Toy : Tiny But Mighty!

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The old skool 6GB being zero formatted
This thing is tiny! Fits my palm!
Everything is cool except that it's in kinky red!

Presenting my new toy! It’s a superlightweight USB2.0-based external hard drive casing which fits 2.5″ drives. It’s so light and small, it can almost fly doods! Heh. I stumbled upon this on sale on Lelong and thought I’d buy it. It only costs RM33 inclusive of delivery. I plugged in a discarded notebook IBM Travelstar 6GB drive into it. Works like a charm. Had it zero-ed just to make sure.

I ordered another 2 Firewire/USB 2.0 based casings for bigger backup storage. Should be arriving today. Will post pics and a report later. I am looking to purchase a Toshiba 80GB 2.5″ 5400rpm drive, with a whopping 16MB cache. Will have that to replace my current 4200rpm slowpoke on my Powerbook, then swap the old 60GB one into one of my external casings.

See ya soon!

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    There has been issues with swapping ur PB HD for a higher RPM one. Did that to my PB once and it ruined the HD. My advice is… DON’T! 😉


  • Anonymous

    *waves hand* the color doesnt suit you… you should give ’em to me…

  • Anonymous


    Not the drive, just the casing bro. Hard drives are sold separately. Still a bloody good deal for the casing though. Nifty indeed 😉

  • Anonymous

    dude! you got a 6GB external hard drive for 33 bucks?!? unreal…