A Typical Petrolhead Saturday

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What do 3 petrolhead friends do on a Saturday? Why, we drive, we drink lots of teh tarik, we mod our cars, we dyno and we go home of course!

Canken's Putra STi

Prozac, in his Satria R3 #0006 (the first buyer of the SR3, by the way) and Canken, in his monster Promote-kitted Putra STi (for reasons only we know!) and I met up at Revolution for little alignment session on Saturday morning. Greeted by alignment expert Sam, I was first, for a much needed tire alignment and rotation session. At 8,000 clicks which included lots of twisty action and a track day, the rotation session was long overdue.

Tire-wear as we discovered was nice and even, thanks to the alignment I did way back at 1,000 clicks. A more aggressive camber setting was advised by Sam, looking at how I actively attack corners 😛

A setting of -ve 1.2 degrees at the front and -ve 1.3 degrees at the rears was introduced. It somewhat affected steering feel, causing some lightness over the much-preferred heavier, more direct R3-tuned setting. I am all for trying it out though. Cornering seems poised and confident, no more, no less, over stock.

Prozac’s SR3 however showed uneven wear on the Yokos, especially at the fronts. Another petrolhead who just loves driving fast, his SR3 has seen 2 track days and has not done any alignment since the car was picked up. After some test runs and re-adjustments, Prozac was happy with the new alignment settings, which were the same as mine, plus the rotation of tires.

Canken, holding back any form of alignment until before the Street Shootout (SSO) 1.5 in Johor next month, hung around, chatted and watched.

The trick CF pedals!

I got my carbon fibre pedals fixed by Danesh. The pedals were purchased from Andrew in Penang, custom-made by his brother, sometime back. I love them. They look absolutely trick and I love the feel of them. I can now comfortably heel-and-toe, unlike with the stock tiny aluminium ones.

The threesome at Links

After the alignment session, we sped off to Links to dyno our cars. We were in awe when we got there. Being our first time, Links looked absolutely professional, looked every bit like a Japanese tuner! Clean, organised and completely packed with modded Evos, and performance cars. What a sight!

SR3 0007 on the rollers!

I was first on the rollers. Nervous as hell, I snapped photos as they prepared my SR3 for its maiden dyno-run. Some commendable figures were recorded – pretty close to spec. 120.2bhp and 144Nm torque at the wheels was achieved. Taking to account a 12% drivetrain loss, that would translate to 136.5 bhp at the crank. Not too shabby, being a stock car with just a PiperCross drop-in and cold-air intake. I’m looking forward to the 140bhp atw Stage 2 engine upgrade by R3, which will be available soon. That should put an extra smile on my face!

SR3 0006 does 117bhp!

Prozac came next and recorded pretty similar results although a slightly lower 117bhp atw. He didn’t seem too pleased, especially with the power/torque curved which seemed to fluctuate at the low-end. My power curve was nice and linear with a pretty flat torque curve. This could be attributed to the PiperCross although it’s hard to say for sure. Needless to say, an efficient air intake system is a must for performance gains.

The 170Nm monster Putra!

Canken of course blew everyone away. We were excited to see what his full-blown NA monster could muster. A rather lovely 133bhp atw with a massive 170Nm torque was recorded. This with much more to achieve, once he gets his SMT4 properly tuned. A ported and polished head, high cams, adjustable pulleys, LSD and MIVEC gearbox accompanies this Putra, once owned by the famous Joe Chan, an established rally and tarmac racer. This Putra has quite a reputation actually, having won many races locally. Canken slapped in a trick Promote bumper and splitter and got it resprayed Impreza blue. Nice. I labelled it Putra STi, much to the amusement of the new owner.

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After the exciting dyno session, we called it a day, although I adjourned to Sunway Extreme Park to do some karting. An Inter-Club Enduro is coming at the end of the month, so I decided to practice. My friend Amri, an avid and experienced karter was there to give some tips and drive along with the rest of his team. He’s actually one of the organisers of the event. He holds the 2nd fastest endurance record at Extreme Park and his speed showed. I managed a best of 1:27:00 which gave me position 3 (P3). Amri who wheezed past all of us at Lap 1, took pole with 1:19:00. That’s an 8 second difference! Embarrassing! I was trailing everyone for the first 3 laps, having spun on the first. After some dog-fighting and interesting overtaking maneuvres, including some contact with the front-runners, I finally finished the 10-minute, 7 lap session in 3rd place. Fastest recorded speed was 53.6km/h with Amri recording 56kmh.

It was lots of fun. I’m definitely going karting regularly from now on. An interesting day in the end. For some interesting pics of the dyno session, click here!

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