Mine’s Bigger Than Yours, bruv!

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We had a mini gathering of sorts – the four Satria R3 owners at Revolution, a workshop located off Old Klang Road, on Saturday morning. I met Luke, owner of car No. 0013 at Jalan Gasing before we had breakfast near the workshop.

Luke pointed out another inconsistency with the Satria R3s. Noticing that the air-con hose in my engine bay is smaller than his, we proceeded to check this anomaly out. Sure enough, upon popping the hood of his black stallion and inspection, his air-con hose was indeed bigger in diameter. Does size matter? 😀 Guys can’t stop comparing and competing with each other can they? Not even for a second. It was weird. And funny. I remember quoting “macam paip lori wei!”. Maybe they ran out of stock?

The overweight hose just could not stop growing…

When Rizal and Harun, owners of cars No. 0006 and 0009 respectively, arrived, we inspected their cars as well. Weirdly enough, I had the smallest hose, with Luke’s having the fattest.

A finger for comparo with the obese hose

I got my steering realigned by Sam at today since it was slight misaligned to the left, then got Danny to get my Pivot Raizin Volt Stabiliser and grounding kit installed, in addition to a PiperCross cold-air intake pipe. I have been experiencing static whenever alighting from my car, when I touch the door to close it. And of course the fluctuation of RPM when you turn on the lights, or power window when the car idles. The fluctuation is quite normal, similar to my previous ride.

Shot of the installed Pivot kit. Seen beside it
is the PiperCross CAI.
Danny dismantling the stock CAI after
the installation of the Pivot kit.

After installation, I can seriously say that the kit works! Not only did it solve the static problems and current fluctuations, it also reduces the drag that is usually associated when turn on the air-con while car is in movement. The engine roughly loses 12% of power or needs to work 12% harder when the air-con is on, giving it the ‘drag’ or ‘lag’ if you want to call it that. Prozac and I tested my SR3 once we got the kit installed and it definitely made a difference.

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Don’t know about the power increase, as usually associated with a grounding kit installation, but my primary goal was really to stabilise the current. It works as claimed.

Had a little bit of a problem getting the intake pipe to fit though. Unlike my Persona which had the intake pipe protrude through a drilled groove where the right spotlight should be, the GTI bumper had a metal piece which barricaded any access, where the tyre flare is located. We eventually decided to place it behind this grooved metal plate as the pipe was clearly to short to fit the fog lamp hole.

I find the car slightly more responsive and more vocal. Not at open-pod levels, but definitely throaty. Nice.

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