Crash On Being Aligned, and Ultimately Straight

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I had an eventful weekend, more so on Saturday. The day started early with breakfast before zipping down to Revolution – the workshop which I frequent, for service and mostly mods. I had to wait for a bit for Sam, the alignment pro, who was out for lunch.

The alignment settings gone berserko!

As you can see from above, the alignment of my SR3 was completely off optimum. The numbers should have been:

Camber: -0.5 degrees
Toe: -0.25mm

Camber: -1 degrees
Toe: -1mm

Sam took it for a run and confirmed that the SR3 was veering slightly to the right. He also noticed the car was wobbly at speeds over 120km/h. This was due to balancing, or the absence of proper balancing that is.

New camber bolts in place. Notice the yummy cross-drilled DBA disc brake, and the peeling red paint!

I had spanking new, heavy-duty camber bolts installed. I had initially wanted to install race lug nuts from K-Speed but Sam explained that they weren’t lock nuts per se, so I opted for proper lock nuts instead. Besides costing cheaper than race lugs, the lock nuts should secure and deter thieves from attempting to steal those gun-metal Advanti wheels.

Sam working his magic

Sam did multiple runs to fine-tune the settings. The SR3 ended up close to the recommended settings, except for slightly more toe at the fronts. Car feels nice and tight round corners and incredibly straight. You could let the steering go at 160km/h and it wouldn’t veer off-course. Superb job! Need to return to Revo though, coz the steering alignment is slightly off. I had to rush off and therefore didn’ have time to get that adjusted.

Verne couldn't take his eyes of the twins

Met Desmond, who owns a 4G93T-powered SGTi. He was there for a brake upgrade. Out came the stock single calipers to a pair of VR4 twin-pots. Nice! Advised him to get Goodridge steel-braided hoses installed as well. NO compromising on stopping power I stressed! Safety is everything! 🙂

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Will be paying another visit to Revo this coming Saturday to have my grounding kit and CAI installed. Yippee!

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  • Anonymous

    Hey Paul,

    I think the site is down. In any case, here is the directions to get there. The best way is to go via NPE towards Sunway. Not far from the first toll, you will see a BP station on your left. Turn left at the very first turning after the station, there should be a sign that says PJS 1. Keep heading straight till you see a small roundabout. Take a 3 o’clock. Go straight for about 150m and make the first right at the shops. Revo is on your right. Will not miss it.

    Alternatively, you can come in through Jalan Gasing, make a right and see the same BP station. Follow the directions above, thereafter.

    Cheers! Tell Sam Vernon sent you 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Where’s Revolution? The link you provided seems to take me to some spammer website. Need to get my Satria 1.6’s alignment fixed.

  • Anonymous

    The quest for a better, faster, safer car never ends my dear. To more modding ahead!

  • Anonymous

    Aiks…new car also need new spare parts?