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Need a fuss-free computer that doesn’t break the bank? How about a RM2,000 Mac? Impossible? Think again. Or perhaps Think Different, whatever fits the situation.

According to the infamous rumour site Think Secret, Apple is reported to be readying an entry level Mac, to be targetted at PC users who buy the iPod and have concerns over compatibility. Codenamed “Q88”, the Mac will be sold sans a screen and should be revealed sometime in January.

The lowest priced Mac in Apple’s stable is currently occupied by the eMac, starting from RM3,300.

Details are sketchy at the moment, but it is obvious that Apple is taking advantage of its stronghold of the digital music player market with its successful iPod and iPod Mini variants. The sleek music player has seen 2 million units shipped, contributing $537 million to Apple’s bottomline in the 3rd quarter of 2004.


On the .Mac front, Apple is planning to increase storage space of .Mac subscribers to as much as 1GB, in addition to new services in 2005. This is a welcome moved considering the increasing demand for bigger storage amongst netizens. Competition from Spymac, GMail and Yahoo Mail is fierce and bigger storage can only benefit subscribers of .Mac.

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