RIM BlackBerry PlayBook Media Preview

Announced last September, Research in Motion’s (RIM) BlackBerry PlayBook is the smartphone maker’s foray into the increasingly crowded tablet market, currently dominated by the Apple iPad. The media and bloggers were treated to a first-hand preview at a media event at GTower yesterday. The 7.6″ device at first glance exudes the same business chic every […]...More

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First Impressions: Samsung Galaxy Ace

First Impressions: Samsung Galaxy Ace Once in a while, the mobile tech world springs a surprise. The spanking new Samsung Galaxy Ace is one of them. Powered by Qualcomm’s 800MHz (MSM7227-1 Turbo) processor, running Android v2.2 Froyo and packed with impressive features like 5MP camera with AF lens and LED flash, the Galaxy Ace is […]...More

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Samsung Galaxy 5: The definitive review

Overview/Intro The Android market has grown exponentially over the past year and this onslaught has been much attributed to the barrage of devices from hardware vendors worldwide. Samsung has secured itself as one of the major players in the Android device market, battling head on with smartphone giants HTC and Motorola. With a slew of […]...More

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From the archives: Review: Super Mini Optical Mouse

Review by Vernon Chan November 4, 2001 The world is inevitably moving towards mobile computing. In fact, sales of laptop computers far outgrow that of desktops. For business travellers, creative professionals and users constantly on the go, the laptop is the ultimate productivity tool. Generally speaking, built-in track pads and rubber pointers (found only in […]...More

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From the archives: iBook Dual USB Reviewed

by Verne 2001-06-12 The new iBook (Apple calls it iBook Dual USB for some really creative reason) just oozes sex appeal, taking design cues from the big brother of ‘Power + Sex’ the Titanium PowerBook G4 (TiBook). The commercial success of the TiBook forced Apple to redesign the tired clam-shell heavy weight the former iBook […]...More

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Satria R3 Stage 2 review

From the start, the performance-bred, track day special Satria R3 developed exclusively by Proton Motorsports a.k.a Race Rally Research or R3 for short, had always promised and delivered an engaging ride – a no-frills, no nonsense driving experience. With its reinforced, rally-style spot-welded chassis and finely tuned suspension, the SR3 oozed confidence in and out […]...More

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Kick-Ars Tiger Review

Trust Ars.Technica to write a full-blown, geek account of Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger. Written by John Siracusa, ars gives the usual impartial look at Apple’s latest $129 OS offering, and a 21-page ‘mini’ review and commentary at that! Trust ars to get all down and dirty with the technical bits. The self-confessed geek that […]...More

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