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BlackBerry Storm

I’m so loving this phone. I really want this phone. Can I have this phone? I’m looking for a replacement for my Sony Ericsson P1i. At first I considered the super slim and sexy Nokia E71 seriously, but since the touchscreen BlackBerry Storm is in the market, I am completely and totally single-minded about getting […]...More

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Apple Launches iPhone Your Life

Apple iPhone. Your way of life. Apple knows this. So they’ve gone one step further. They’re making it easier to get most of your iPhone. Enter iPhone Your Life. Get around town, find worldly information, let the iPhone help you around the house, get productive and have plenty of fun! iPhone Your Life includes App […]...More

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The Apple Store is finally in Malaysia!

The Apple Store in Malaysia! We’ve definitely waiting long enough for this. And what a time to open one with the economic crisis looming and real. But heck, what’s a better way to spur consumer spending right? Whatever it is, Apple, it’s going to be the Funnest Christmas ever. Oh, it’s also available in Bahasa […]...More

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Malaysian Entrepreneurs First Ever Night Out

The first-ever Malaysian Entrepreneurs Night Out was held last night at Nomad Offices, Pavilion KL. Organised with MoBIG, the event was themed “Businesses and Opportunity with Mobile Industry with Google”. The goal of the meet was to understand the mobile landscape in Malaysia more. However, unfortunately for the 30-odd attendees, the Google boys could not […]...More

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8 Things I Like About iPhone 3G

Apple redefined the user interface on any mobile device with the iPhone last year. Well, guess what? They have done it again. They’ve learned plenty since then and with the iPhone 2.0 Software, this baby rocks even more. Here are 8 things I like about the new iPhone 3G:...More

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iPhone 3G for USD199? You gotta be kidding me!

How about that? Twice as fast and at half the price! Amazing, amazing value for money. The new iPhone trounces the old with HSDPA and GPS (unfortunately retains the crap 2.0MP camera). No second camera for video calls, as rumoured which is a bummer. But heck, USD199 with contract and available in July in over […]...More

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