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Out with the Shuffle, in with the New iPod mini

In its quest for world domination, Apple slashes prices of the 4GB iPod Mini to an attractive USD199 (approx. RM760) and introduces a 6GB model for the capacity-conscious. Apple claims an extended 18 hours of battery life and the ability to charge over USB 2.0. Having been contemplating the iPod Shuffle since it was launched, […]...More

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100 Times Happier, But 5,700 Ringgit Poorer

After intense mind-boggling self-discussion, contemplation and consideration, I decided on the ex-stock 1.33Ghz 12″ Powerbook. After comparing specs and weighing options dollar for dollar, the PowerBook came up tops where price/performance ratio was concerned. The 14.1″ iBook is also a steal however, and it was a close-fought battle to the finish. The stock-supplied RAM of […]...More

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Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!

I am seriously contemplating an Apple notebook purchase but am torn between the consumer level iBook and the more powerful, but ultimately more expensive Powerbook. I have been scouting around, checking out prices and stumbled upon this over at Some ex-stock 14.1″ iBooks are for sale. Excellent value at RM4,800. Specs as below: 1.2GHz […]...More

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Looking at a broke 2005

iPod Shuffle - Tiny but Mighty! I hate Steve Jobs. I really do. He has this uncanny ability to judge the market. He knows what we want. He knows what we will want in the future. He rocks. He is GOD. Not satisfied that the original iPod and its siblings enjoy 50% of the digital […]...More

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On The Mac Side

Need a fuss-free computer that doesn’t break the bank? How about a RM2,000 Mac? Impossible? Think again. Or perhaps Think Different, whatever fits the situation. According to the infamous rumour site Think Secret, Apple is reported to be readying an entry level Mac, to be targetted at PC users who buy the iPod and have […]...More

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Malaysia Mac User Group (myMUG) is officially open!

The Malaysia Mac User Group (myMUG) website is finally launched! For Mac users, non-believers + naysayers, PC-converts and curious by-standers alike, MyMUG is THE place to walk and talk Mac. Currently in its infancy, the site is simple and functional. BTW, if you are interested to contribute reviews, news, ideas, feel free to drop a […]...More

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Mac OS X 10.3.7 Update

Apple quietly releases a much-needed update to Mac OS X, after the rather buggy and slow 10.3.6 release. Been experiencing application slowdown, Finder freezes, quirky networking in the previous release. The 26MB 10.3.7 update installed without problems. Everything seems slightly snappier. No problems or known problems as yet. According to Apple’s technotes, the update resolves […]...More

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Mac OS X Lagfest

If you haven’t downloaded and installed it already, the Mac OS X 10.3.6 client and server updates are available for download from Apple servers. Released yesterday, noted improvements and changes are: – network volumes are now available in the Finder sidebar and Desktop for convenient access – improved file sharing and directory services for Mac […]...More

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iMac G5 Launch : Where did the computer go?

MyMUG crew – Sean, Azul, me, Alvin, Chris (Azxel) + Juan (Qwerty) The where-in-heaven’s-name-is-the-computer iMac G5 was officially launch with much fanfare and excitement last night at Velvet Underground : Zouk. Rudy of the Morning Crew emceed and he was as entertaining as he was funny and spirited. I had attended the event with […]...More

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Things Designers Do When They Are Stressed…

Continuing from where I left off yesterday. The almost resolved and recovery from the System Meltdown. Here’s a pic to prove that I can still monkey around in times of distress. By the way, that’s the kevlar plastic casing from a spanking new eMac on my head. My partner-in-crime Andy and I took apart two […]...More

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System Meltdown

Not quite the Holocaust or Armageddon, but however I look at it, the past three days have been rather hellish to say the least. Firstly, our laggy 1.25Ghz dual processor G4 server went down like a bitch. Locking up at startup, faster than you could say “Apple Rocks”, the server just refused to boot. Entering […]...More

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Top ten real reasons Rob Glaser is going after Apple

This is really good. Published by Bill Palmer of iPodGarage, this pokes fun at the current fiasco between Real Networks and Apple, and obvious ramblings over the ‘opening’ of the iPod and iTunes. Check out the list of top ten Real reasons below: 10. Didn’t think that ten years of crappy versions of RealPlayer had […]...More

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