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Buying a Smartphone? Read This First

Buying a Smartphone? Read This First Thinking of buying a smartphone? These days, it’s really hard to imagine someone not having some sort of smartphone, regardless of brand and platform. The smartphone market grew an astounding 76 per cent from 2009 to 2010. We have iPhones, myriad flavours of Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Symbian, WebOS....More

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Best Tech April Fool’s Related News

Best Tech April Fool’s Related News While I’m not a pranker per se, I have pranked a few in my life time. When I worked for an Apple reseller some years ago, I modified the startup screen of one of my colleague’s Macs. It ran upside down with the loading bar saying “You’ve been hacked. […]...More

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Samsung SH100: World’s Most Social Camera?

Samsung SH100: World’s Most Social Camera? First previewed at Consumer Electronics Show 2011 in January and just launched in Malaysia, the Samsung SH100 compact camera may just be the world’s most ‘social’ camera yet. The innovative camera sports a 14.2 megapixel CCD, offering 5x digital zoom, facial recognition and a touchscreen interface. The built-in Wi-Fi […]...More

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Apple to Sell 100 Million iPhone 5s?

Asymco analyst Horace Didieu recently posted a report entitled “Predicting iPhone Sales for Dummies,” Based on sales data from all iPhone models to date and on the basis that they followed a specific trend as older generation production numbers transitioning into building the new model, Didieu forecasted that the new generation iPhone could sell 100 […]...More

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YES 4G. The story so far.

Just a few months back, we witnessed the launch of Malaysia’s new wireless broadband service, powered by the multinational conglomerate YTL Corp’s subsidiary YTL Communications. Labelled YES 4G, the WIMAX-based broadband service promises to bring Internet connectivity to the masses. Yes, Internet for everyone....More

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Maxis Google Nexus S Launch

Maxis Samsung Nexus S Launch The successor to the Google Nexus One in form of the Nexus S, was launched by Maxis last week. Powered by the latest v2.3 version of Google’s Android OS – codenamed Gingerbread OS, the Nexus S is the fastest Android experience yet with its Samsung 1GHz Cortex A8 (Hummingbird) processor. […]...More

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