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From the archives: iBook Dual USB Reviewed

by Verne 2001-06-12 The new iBook (Apple calls it iBook Dual USB for some really creative reason) just oozes sex appeal, taking design cues from the big brother of ‘Power + Sex’ the Titanium PowerBook G4 (TiBook). The commercial success of the TiBook forced Apple to redesign the tired clam-shell heavy weight the former iBook […]...More

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FaceTime over 3G with Tango!

Been dying to FaceTime that special someone but don’t want to Jailbreak your iPhone4? Well, wait no longer. Tango has just released an app which enables users to do video-calling over 3G. What’s great about this app – it’s FREE. Go download Tango NOW. I am pleasantly surprised Apple approved this app because they themselves […]...More

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iPhone coming to DIGI

I am so thrilled about this. It will be a good upgrade for my iPhone 3G in terms of hardware and network coz Maxis sucks. Question now is when? Posted via email from vernieman’s posterous...More

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The Apple Tablet. Live.

In about 2 hours, the world will be watching Apple reveal the much anticipated, much hyped “Tablet” product. I’ll be catching live updates via:   See ya soon, you Mac nuts! Posted via email from vernieman’s posterous...More

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Snow Leopard Kext Error

Since upgrading to Snow Leopard (subsequently version 10.6.1), I’ve been getting error messages such as above. Obviously some residual, old code. Did some checking and found some other users with the same issues. Apparently caused by a Canon scanner driver....More

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