Angry Birds Cartoon to Hit TV Sets Soon

Why stop while it’s hot? Rovio Entertainment‘s very hot and ever-growing ‘Angry Birds’ franchise is in the process of being made into a TV cartoon series by year end. According to Rovio, it will be rolled out as a weekly animation series, consisting of a total of 52 episodes of 2-3 minutes each. It is […]...More

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[Review] Mass Effect 3: The Mass Effect

Arguably the most controversial game ever to hit the stands, it is probably the only series ever created to appear on FOX News and labelled “porn”, ‘accidently’ raised $50,000 USD for charity and cause an uproar of fans demanding alternate endings to the game just a few weeks after the game’s release (close to 70,000 […]...More

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ZOMG! Zynga Acquires OMGPOP

Admit it. You’re drawing now. And doodling. Or at least you’re trying. It’s 3am and you’re still trying to figure out WTF your Facebook buddy just described on screen in what seems to be an incongruous series of lines and ink blots. If like me, you’re hooked to a certain social mobile game called Draw […]...More

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NASA Launches Multi-player Facebook Game

Who was the first man to walk on the moon? Which was the last Apollo mission? Think you know the answers? Well, NASA, the US space agency, has launched its first ever multi-player online game to test your knowledge of the space program. Called Space Race Blastoff, the Facebook game tests your knowledge of NASA […]...More

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