[CES 2017] Razer “Project Ariana” video projection system will turn your room into a battleground

In addition to its magnificent “Project Valerie,” Razer also introduced “Project Ariana” – the world’s first video projection system that’s designed for total immersion gaming. On top of that, the award-winning gaming brand also announced that Razer Chroma, its signature lighting technology will now be available to third party partners....More

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Pokemon GO fans grab PokeMobile and Hotlink goodies

Malaysians have gone Pokemon GO crazy. And that’s likely an understatement. Finally hitting our shores less than two weeks ago, the augmented reality mobile game has captured hearts and mobile screens across the country. As you know, Grab Malaysia and Hotlink partnered recently to launch limited edition PokeMobiles to help Malaysians hunt for Pokemons safely […]...More

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