Grey FC Lifts Corbis Futsal Cup 2008

Mighty Grey FC edged BBDO in the finals of the just-concluded Corbis Futsal Cup 2008. High-scoring Grey FC not only won the 2nd installment of the Corbis Cup, but also won Best Dressed Team. Forward Rowan added another feather on the cap for Grey FC by winning the Golden Boot award with a whopping 11 […]...More

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Corbis Futsal Cup ‘08

The Inter-Agency Corbis Futsal Cup 2008 is back! I will be playing for defending champs GanForHire AllStars again this year, for honours and for the super prizes (up to RM7,000 in Adidas vouchers!). There are 24 teams this year, divided into 4 per group. We’ve been drawn with Ignite, Grey Group FC and Young Rascals […]...More

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Corbis Futsal Tournament – 15 hours to go!

I can’t believe it! I’m pissing my pants in excitement. The Corbis Inter-Agency Futsal Tournament is just 15 hours away. Venue: Sportsbarn, PJ. We’ve (I’m representing GanForHire AllStar) been drawn in the same round-robin group as BBDO, O&M and Lotus. No slouches where futsal is concerned, so we’re in for a tough, tough time. But […]...More

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Corbis Malaysia Inter-Agency Futsal Competition

Corbis Malaysia is organising an Inter-agency futsal competition of the likes never been seen before! It will be a battle of wits, skill and strategy between 24 teams to become the inaugural Corbis Futsal Cup Champions! No scam ads, no special jury, no ”reputation-at-stake” awards. Just loads of intense, no-holds-barred five-on-five ball-kicking action & fun! […]...More

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Anti-sedentary Flabby Ass Cheeks Speaks

My 33-year old body hurts. That’s no thanks to three sedentary weeks. Three weeks without futsal, gym workouts or any other physical exercise (no, sex does not count!). It’s amazing how much damage inactivity does to your body. After postponing my first visit to the gym of the month on Tuesday, I decided Thursday was […]...More

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Weight Watching 101

I had the pleasure of going for a body analysis test at the gym the other day.  Since realising how blubbery I was in September last year,  I had not only drastically changed my diet (I have been vegetarian for 4 months, but not vegan) but also hitting the gym regularly with some personal training […]...More

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Busted ankle. Down but not quite out.

Futsal night ended in a bit of misery (and lots of pain thrown in for good measure!) on Wednesday night. Just a minute after scoring a goal, while in pursuit of the ball in possession of my Spanish opponent, my left ankle got caught in an awkward position when I changed direction. Heard some unpleasant […]...More

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Rock-climbing. A New Found Passion.

Not someone who would stay at home and rot, I joined race partner Stanley for rock-climbing at Camp 5, One Utama last Friday. I have always been intrigued about scaling walls and rock, although I am shit scared of heights. I live on the 17th floor and you will not find me lingering on the […]...More

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Ankle Transplant Needed

In the middle of attempting bad tackles and shooting from long range, I limped off the Sunway Extreme Park futsal field last night. In pain. Barely 15 minutes of sweat and toil. My infamous left leg again managed a powerful long distance goal before I gave it rest. My left foot has gained quite a […]...More

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