Ureka Weekend. 100 people. 2.5 Days.

100 people. 2.5 Days (Friday Evening – Sunday Evening). Business/product/prototype created. UrekaWeekend is an intense event bringing brilliant minds together to create companies, projects and great communities! Participants come from diverse profiles and skill sets such as entrepreneurs, geeks, technical developers, artistic and creative designers, marketing experts, project managers, legal hawks, public relations and many […]...More

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Startup Camp KL 2008 – GEW 2008

It was exciting to be at Startup Camp KL today, although missing the first part of the day. Was certainly fantastic to meet big man Daniel Cerventus (@cerventus) and also fellow Twitterers – Arzumy (@arzumy) and Evelyn (@missyblurkit) again. First keynote I attended was “Social Change: Leading Tribes and Creating Infectious Action” by Kal Joffres, […]...More

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Malaysian Entrepreneurs First Ever Night Out

The first-ever Malaysian Entrepreneurs Night Out was held last night at Nomad Offices, Pavilion KL. Organised with MoBIG, the event was themed “Businesses and Opportunity with Mobile Industry with Google”. The goal of the meet was to understand the mobile landscape in Malaysia more. However, unfortunately for the 30-odd attendees, the Google boys could not […]...More

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Me, surprised? Hell no!

March 2 is always a special day for me. (mark that in your calendars guys and girls!) It reminds me of yesterday, and shows me today how much I have moved on and also ultimately, what lies ahead. Outright celebrating with a lavish dinner or party is another thing though. I just wanted a quiet, […]...More

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Move over, 05, it’s 06!

Time flies doesn’t it? It’s bloody 2006 already. I’ve lived 3.1 decades and counting. Bejeezuz. It’s scary, exciting, unflailingly unpredictable. Will I be rich? Will I be famous? Que sera sera. Eh? Nevermind. 2006 is as eccentric and psychedelic as I want it to be. That’s right. I claim rights to two-zero-zero-six. Or two-naught-naught-six. I […]...More

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