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Liyana Fizi: The Interview

Photos by Andrew Lee of Art Dynamics If you’ve never heard of Liyana Fizi then you’ve probably also never heard of indie-folk-pop band Estrella. You’ve probably also never heard of the addictive song “Stay” either. Heck, I bet you don’t listen to radio much. Because if you have heard of Liyana Fizi, then you’ll know […]...More

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Encore – A Musical To Call Our Own!

Polished. Engaging. Beautiful. If there were three words to describe the Malaysian musical – Encore, the aforementioned would be apt. Produced by Lew Chee Seong, directed by Chee Sek Thim and presented by the Five Arts Centre, Encore is an eclectic ensemble of musicals, of origins we can only claim as truly Malaysian. Held at […]...More

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STOMPed and Lovin’ It!

Image sourced from Stomponline Mom, what’s ‘STOMP’? If it makes you think of screaming, running kids making lots of incoherent noise, you are half right. Well, not quite. It is far from incoherent, and far from being just ‘noise’. So what exactly is STOMP? I’d call it a buffet of music, rhythm and dance, theatre […]...More

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Sepet : The Malaysian Movie

“Sepet” is a very misleading title for a movie. Why? Because people think it’s a Malay movie and avoid it at all costs. Movies like “Gerak Khas: The Movie” does not help, not one bit. This was apparent when I had to explain to my colleagues that it is a Malaysian movie using everyday languages […]...More

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