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Breaking a Virgin : Gentle or Hard + Fast?

There seems a dearth of literature on proper ways to break-in or run-in a new engine, whether for a virgin car or motorbike. Car manufacturers recommend a gentle break-in, especially from 0km – 3,000kms. Motoman, a tuner based in the States, however, seems to think otherwise. The controversial MotoMan wrote “Break-in Secrets” after applying his […]...More

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The Street Shootout is back!

The popular drift and time attack challenge organised by Proton is making a comeback at Sepang on the 4th-5th December 2004. Held in conjuction with the Proton Track Carnival Sepang 2004, the 4th SSO in the series will be the last for the year. The Time Attack challenge will see the Pre-Viagra class (below 1300cc) […]...More

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96/99 UK-spec Proton Persona For Quick Sale!

I have a UK-spec Proton Persona 1.8 SEi sedan for sale. Need to sell this fast. Specs as follows: Engine 1996/99 Proton Persona 1.8 SEi sedan (UK-spec) 4G93P Single-cam MPI engine 1834cc Pipercross drop-in filter with cold-air intake Custom downpipe + 2″ stainless steel exhaust system Apexi muffler Lightweight cam pulley MMC engine mounts (new) […]...More

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Satria R3 – Booked! (but not without hassle!)

I’ve never been this excited or nervous about a car. Seriously wierd. It was much anticipated. In fact, I grew so impatient I was logging on to the ProtonEdar site at 2.00pm. Kiasu! Bookings for the race-bred Satria R3 began at 3.00pm sharp today. When the official R3 booking page came up at 3.00pm, I […]...More

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Racer-boys Take Notice : Proton Satria R3 launched

Proton Motorsports soft-launched the much-anticipated Limited Edition Proton Satria R3 over the weekend at Pasir Gudang, Johor. The Satria R3 is set to be in the market on October 17 at 3 selected Proton Edar offices in the Northern, Southern and Central regions of the country. This exclusive road-legal track car will only see 150 […]...More

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Speedsters Hear Ye – Proton Track Carnival

One car, two drivers, a combined racing distance of 300km, three big races and prize money amounting to RM56,000 – that is the drama, excitement and rewards the PROTON Track Carnival at the Johor Circuit in Pasir Gudang from October 1-3, 2004 promises both competitors and spectators. The main event at the carnival will be […]...More

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Proton R3: Protons on steroids

Race Rally Research or R3 for short — Proton’s official motorsports division, has given supporters something to look forward to in the coming months. The R3 marketing head has released a scoop on what’s to come from R3, very soon....More

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