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Former Lecturer. Gamer. Idea Generator. Tournament Organizer. Loves Kairosoft games. Lived in a box twice in Recettear. Never turns down a Catan challenge. Cheats in Monopoly. Broke Skyrim. Sucks at Dance Central. Plays a fem Shep. Heavy bow-gunner in MH3p. Completed Persona 2 Portable 4 times. Well, he's just too damn free.

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MechWarrior Online receives a Pretty Baby

While making babies isn’t a likely quest for your Valentine’s, there’s at least something to look forward to in MechWarrior Online this February. If you’re wondering what this post is all about, you’ve got to just scroll down and view the video. The February content patch for MechWarrior Online will introduce a new hero mech […]...More

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THQ Auction Aftermath

For those who have been following the auction, here’s some details on what went down. The liquidation of assets and IP’s were inevitable, and to many fans of their titles, a huge shame. I’ve been playing their games since the early days of THQ and its sad to see them fall. Regardless, you’ll want to […]...More

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MWO releases Death’s Knell

If you’re a fan of running circles around your opponents with 4 lasers and fancy having a 30% C-Bill bonus to boot, get your hands on the new hero mech “Death’s Knell”. This would be a new addition to the growing hero mech ensemble in the mech store. The first I ever touched was the […]...More

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Armageddon DoTA 2 Grand Slam Asia 2013

Just minutes after rumors surfaced, this DoTA 2 Tournament pops up! If you’re ready to represent Malaysia in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, no less, then it’s time for you to start practicing. As the header implies, the top two Malaysian teams will win this trip to Singapore and represent not only their country but also […]...More

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Borderlands 2 Releases new Add-on

A new add-on was released for Borderlands 2 this week, entitled “Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt”. The Story? A Hyperion ship has crashed, and there’s speculation that huge amount of loot was in it. It’s time to gather your friends, and get ready to visit the marshlands of Pandora!...More

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New Spider Mech for MechWarrior Online in January

Rejoice, MechWarrior fans! New content has been added to MechWarrior Online and there’s more to come! “After a much-needed break over the holidays, we’re raring to go with exciting 2013 content updates,” said Bryan Ekman, creative director, Piranha Games. “The addition of community-focused features such as the Double XP event, new Mechs and performance tweaks let’s us […]...More

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