[Video] Acer Sexes Up Aspire S7 TVC with Megan Fox, Lots of Megan Fox

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Acer Aspire S7 TVC featuring Megan Fox. Image credit: Shoppingblog.com

Acer Aspire S7 TVC featuring Megan Fox. Image credit: Shoppingblog.com

How do you sell a sexy new notebook? You get a hot superstar, throw in a bunch of nerdy scientists, a talking dolphin coupled with a weird script (or none) and pray that it works? That’s exactly what Acer has done for its flagship touch-enabled Windows 8-powered Ultrabook – the Aspire S7.

Acer convinced the sultry ex-Transformers co-star, Megan Fox to keep her clothes on and make the S7 her bff. We say “boo” to keeping her clothes on, but probably “yay” to the latter (it is a sexy notebook), although we’d snap up the chance to be her bff any day.

The S7 strangely only appears a fraction of the time in the 90-second TVC, with screen time dominated by foxy Fox.

Does the ad tout features of the Aspire S7 or Windows 8? Hmmm… subtle, if any.

But then again, advertising is a strange thing isn’t it? What do you think? Catch the TVC below:

Video credit: VoxFox

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  • Rebecca

    I have a bad impression of the laptop just by watching this commercial!